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August 8, 2019

National and MBIA Insurance File Lawsuit Against Wall Street Banks for Misconduct as Underwriters in Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Crisis
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October 4, 2018

National Public Finance Guarantee Corporation Commences Legal Action Seeking to Lift PROMESA Litigation Stay to Allow for the Appointment of a PREPA Receiver for the Protection of Customers and Creditors
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March 15, 2018

COFINA Constituents Set the Record Straight with Facts on Sales & Use Tax Collection Data
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February 14, 2018

Puerto Rico's Creditors Unite To Call For A Credible, Pro-Growth Fiscal Plan
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October 13, 2017

National Public Finance Guarantee Voluntarily Dismisses Adversary Complaint That Sought to Compel PREPA to Remit Pledged Revenues to the Bond Trustee
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October 6, 2017

National Public Finance Guarantee Voluntarily Dismisses Adversary Proceeding Challenging the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico's Fiscal Plan
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August 8, 2017

National Files Adversary Complaint to Compel PREPA to Deposit Pledged Special Revenues with Bond Trustee
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July 18, 2017

National Takes Legal Action to Lift PROMESA Stay to Seek the Appointment of a Receiver and Compel a Rate Increase
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July 11, 2017

National's Parent, MBIA Inc., Issues Letter to Owners
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March 31, 2022

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