Foundational Pillars of National


National was built from the ground up by the most experienced team in the industry. With knowledge born of 40 years of experience in every public finance sector, through adverse economic cycles, and regional and sector downturns, we are a team that has never failed to perform.


National has been created with full understanding of today's challenges and the vision to anticipate tomorrow's needs. We are committed to providing superior customer service, to protecting policyholders, and to the highest standards of corporate governance and unfaltering performance. Our commitment is born of the recognition that ours is a business with wide-ranging effects on the communities in which we live, and as such, should be constant, responsible and unflagging.


National is rooted in the strength and endurance of its financial guarantee and its employees. We are capitalized to meet regulatory, rating agency and internal capital requirements necessary for current and developing business opportunities. National only guarantees transactions that meet our strict risk management guidelines and portfolio limits. In each and every one of our transactions, multiple considerations and possible outcomes are analyzed before recommendations are made. Ours is a careful, vigilant approach backed by solid financials and an unparalleled performance record.